Today I Found a Typewriter!
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Or rather, I came across a typewriter. I was sitting in my grandparents' office, "helping" them set up their wifi (in other words I was spinning around in a chair) when I saw a typewriter. Not the antique ones people keep in their houses for decoration and are impossible to actually use, but the best kind of typewriter. One of the more"modern" ones before the computer came along. I loaded it with a single piece of paper, and it actually worked! Why directly type a livejournal entry, when I could type it on a typewriter! So without further a due, I present to you what I created today.

In the zone! Can someone buy me some new jeans? Mine ripped

After I wrote that, I didn't know what to do with it so I left it on my grandpa's desk. He's a doctor, so hopefully it gets published in a medical journal.

I considered stealing the typewriter and using it to take notes in class. This was a very brief moment of consideration, as I soon realized that my classmates and professors probably wouldn't appreciate the weird girl taking notes on a LOUD typewriter. I'd also probably have to sit on the floor, considering the fact that the cord is about three feet long. Laptops are also much more portable. And useful. And internet. Why did I consider stealing the typewriter again?

For When Chipotle Is Closed...
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Those of you who know me (hey Allie!) know about my daily love affair. Out of everything I love in this world, food irrevocably has my heart. I might eat from three different restaurants in one day... and hopefully they all don't find out about each other. But it is known and I have accepted it. On the outside I'm borderline Auschwitz skinny, but on the inside inside I have the mind and thought process of a true fat girl.

You also know that my absolute favorite place to eat in the whole world is, hands down, Chipotle Mexican Grill. If you've never had Chipotle, walk away from the computer, get in your car, and haul ass to the nearest one (if it's between the hours of 11am and 10pm.)

With it's extremely unauthentic Mexican menu, Chipotle basically serves one type of food in a few different packages. Choose your ingredients and they'll make you a burrito the size of a baby, or if you're feeling diety they'll make you a salad or some tacos. I opt for the baby sized burrito, I like the challenge.

But I've come across an equally unauthentic Mexican restaurant that rivals even Chipotle. The name of this home wrecking restaurant mistress is Salsa Fiesta.

Wayos 022
Wayos 024
Wayos 025
I'm diggin the hat!

Wayos 027
Wayos 028
Wayos 029

The restaurant's modern South Beachy vibe makes you feel even less like you are in Mexico than Chipotle does. We ordered the original beef tacos and a mango burrito. When our waiter brought us our food, at first I was skeptical.

Wayos 031
Wayos 032

The burrito looked sad and lonely on the plate. But once I bit into it, it did not disappoint.

Wayos 033

I didn't want to like you, but I couldn't resist. It sounds like a cheesy love song, but it's true. Salsa Fiesta you are awesome. The salsas are at the salsa bar and the fiesta is in your mouth. Chipotle will always be my number one, but every now and then I'll find myself sneaking over to Salsa Fiesta and indulging in my exciting and forbidden love of salsa.

11th Grade Calculus
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...or precalculus, whatever.

You may be wondering why on earth would I write about something so terribly boring? The answer is I'm not. The last thing I did in that class was do math. Below is a list (somewhat in order of most frequent to frequent) of top ten 11th grade math class activities.

1. Sleep until Mr. Ruggie yelled at you
2. Pretend to pay attention
3. Try to teach yourself how to sleep with your eyes open
4. Write notes (not about math, but to Allie! hi allie!)
5. Hate your life
6. Stare at the clock
7. Wonder when the test is, pray that it's not tomorrow
8. Copy Steven Mendoza's homework
9. Look up random facts on your phone in hopes of getting the bonus question right
10. Assist Allie in her pageant

One final note: I must admit I have been holding on to a bit of sadness. After Allie blew the judges away at Miss Archbishop Mccarthy with her stunning performance at the pageant, (before the drunk night in sepia photos leaked and she almost lost her crown..) she failed to make a public thank you speak. I am pleased to announce that not only did she make her speech, but it has been put in writing... that means it's legit!

I would like to say that it was an honor working with you, your charisma, charm, and fake british accent were all unforgettable, and led to your victory.

The F Word
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Everyone's thinking about it... talking about it... doing it! You know what I'm talking about, right? Studying for FINALS! (Get your head out of the gutter...)

It's the most wonderful time of the year. At least, that's what I hear. But straight from the mind of Satan came the notion that our glorious school free month must be preceded and neutralized by a week of hell. That week is finals week.

If there's one thing finals have taught me, it's how much I actually don't know.

The Increasing Popularity of My LJ
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Are you sitting down for this? Good! So until this point, I have been under the impression that my LJ "friends" were limited to, and I use the word "limited" loosely, two people. First and foremost, in the words of Teve, there's Allie Pablo. My most dedicated fan and most avid reader of my posts. Second in chronological order and order of importance is my other LJ friend, Phil! I say second in importance partly because he is my number TWO fan, and partly to see if he actually reads this.

So there you have it. My very exclusive and perfect example of "quality- not quantity" fanbase. Which I am perfectly okay with. However, as I was perusing the many different features of LJ, I came across something that had long been forgotten. When I got to my friends list, I saw that I had not two friends.. BUT THREE!

THREE. THREE REAL LIVE (VIRTUAL) FRIENDS. That's one more than two, and just one less than four! Yay math! Now, who is this mysterious third friend you ask? The answer should be obvious. As you go through my older, less grammatically accurate posts, you will find many references to a "jessica" (notice the lowercase J). It was back in the sixth grade, before I hit it big with three friends, that I had jessica, my first and only LJ friend for probably the better portion of my LJ life. The first person to ever believe in me enough to accept me as a LJ friend.

So this post is for you jessica, aka "kissonthelipsxo", for believing in me before anyone else did. Your own LJ is probably long forgotten, along with your login email and password. But no matter, your wise sixth grade words will live on- just like mine do.

Writer's Block
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What do you think are the best ways to help a child learn to be independent and self-sufficient later in life?

Neglecting them when they're young, so that they grow up not knowing what they missed out on.

What's going on here?
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You probably came across this page in a totally serendipitous way. Perhaps you don't quite know how you got here, perhaps you tried pick the username x0xbrinax0x and wanted to check out who cleverly picked it first. Chances are though, that you are Allie Pablos. The only person who reads this. Hey Allie! Regardless, you're here, and you're here for a reason... because everything happens for a reason. Except cancer.

So what is this? You must be confused. It all started back in 2005? When I was at the ripe, tender age of 11. The cruel middle school stage... we've all been there. My posts could be categorized with terms such as summer camp, cringe-worthy INTENTIONAL misspellings, and of course, who could forget, Wannado City. For those of you unfortunate enough to never have heard of Wannado City, it was a utopia of lice infested fun, where children could explore different real life occupations and essentially do whatever they "wanna do."

I digress. Fast forward to 2009... another dark time for me. All I will say is that I may or may not have had a rather scandalous love affair with a certain federally illegal plant (I told you, a dark time.) It was during this time that I somehow, just like you, came across this strange sort of virtual time capsule (not as bad as myspace though..) portraying my ever fascinating 11 year old thoughts. It was all too entertaining, too telling, and too embarrassingly awesome to delete. So I kept it, and added a few new entries of my own.

Fast fast forward to the present, 2012. When I rerediscovered my livejournal, giving me even newer insight into not only my 11-year old self, but my 15-year-old-possibly-under-the-influence self. Now all I can wonder is what will I think five years from now, when I have once again forgotten about this page and come across it once again.

I have left everything intact from it's 6th grade Sabrina days. (except for the color scheme... you're welcome for that.) One last thing.. **SPOILER ALERT, SCROLL DOWN FOR SUPER SECRET SPOILER**

**i am not really a slow loris, i am in fact a human being**

Recent Changes
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Before I get thousands of angry fan mail letters...

You may have noticed some cosmetic changes to my page. It was very difficult for me to get rid of the hot pink text with neon green background, but due to readability purposes, I decided to make the color scheme a little easier on the eyes. Do not panic. I'm still the same Sabrina, with the same fingers, typing the same deep and intellectual posts. I even kept the hEy sExy title, and all the other embarrassing things on my page.

There's nothing to worry about, please continue on with your lives.

my college essay update: two years later
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Since you all have been following my posts very closely for the last two years (hey allie!) I thought I should update you on the aftermath of my college essay submission. The bad news is, it didn't get me into FSU. The good news is, I didn't even apply to FSU! The other good news is, that very essay got me into UCF and FIU! The other bad news is, I chose FIU.


PS- just noticed LJ no longer has the "mood" or "listening too" option.. what's up with that?

PPS- Found them. They're to the right now.

my college essay
slow loris are not slow
For almost one hundred years, the Latin words, "Vires, Artes, Mores" have been the guiding philosophy behind Florida State University. Vires signifies strength of all kinds - moral, physical, and intellectual; Artes alludes to the beauty of intellectual pursuits as exemplified in skill, craft, or art; and Mores refers to character, custom, or tradition. Describe how one or more of the values embodied in these concepts are reflected in your life.

A hot day in the summer of 2003, and from where I was standing I could see the huge kid kick the basketball. I could never imagine a basketball flying so far. He had just kicked it, and it definetly couldn’t reach me over here. That’s what I thought. Until I saw the basketball grow biggerand bigger until it became so huge and hit my face. The next thing I knew I was on my back. I felt a sharp pain in my nose. All the summer camp counselors came to help me up. I had dropped my cheese and crackers snack. I was so confused, but all I could do was laugh. What this life changing huge fifth grade summer campe experience taught me was a very crucial lesson. I learned that No matter how intelligent, brilliant, clever, bright, sharp, intellectual, or any other fancy adjective for smart you are, it is always important to be able to laugh at yourself. You need to accept yourself if you ever intend on getting accepted to college.


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